Guide to Finding the Best Pillow for Every Kind of Sleeper

There is nothing worse than not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep. However, there are numerous reasons why you are having sleep troubles. One common culprit is your pillow. Despite what many people believe, pillows are not supposed to be one-size-fits-all, and in fact, should be customized to your comfort and sleep preferences. We’ve created a guide to buying the best pillow for you so that your sleep quality can improve.


Take into Consideration How You Sleep


To buy the right pillow for you, it’s important that you know whether you are a stomach, side, or back sleeper before heading to a store for a new pillow. Sleep experts recommend that you fall asleep on your side, as sleeping on your stomach can cause discomfort and people tend not to get as sound of sleep when they are on their back.


Those Who Sleep On Their Back


If you sleep on your back, then it is recommended that you purchase a thinner pillow, which allows your head to be correctly aligned with your body and not be pushed too far forward. You should also look out for those pillows that have an additional loft in the bottom third, which will cradle your neck so that it is not sore the next morning.


Those That Sleep on Their Side


If you prefer sleeping on your side, then it is recommended that you purchase a firm pillow, such as one made out of memory foam. This will close the distance between your shoulder and ear and allow you to get into a more supported sleeping position.


Those That Sleep on Their Stomach


Stomach sleepers should look for an extremely thin, even almost flat pillow. In fact, some people that sleep on their stomach may prefer not to sleep with a pillow whatsoever. However, you may want to consider putting a pillow under your stomach so that you don’t wake up with lower back pain.


Consider the Type of Material You Want


Several new technologies have given consumers access to new pillow material. For instance, memory foam is a great material to use for those who get allergies, as the foam doesn’t absorb dust and other particles. Moreover, foam ventilates, which allows it to keep cooler. However, be aware that foam tends to be firm and so if you prefer burying into a soft cushion or if you experience back pain then it is best to avoid such material. Goose down is another great option to consider, as it is incredibly soft but still durable.


More Than the Cost


Keep in mind that just because a certain pillow has a higher price tag does not mean that it necessarily is a better quality pillow or the right kind of pillow for you. The most important factor when pillow shopping is how the pillow feels under your head. The majority of the time you will be able to find a pillow that matches your exact specifications without burning a whole in your wallet.



Don’t Be Afraid to Try the Pillow Out in Store


If you are in a store that has sample beds, as well as pillows, then do not hesitate to head over to a bed to try out a few different pillows. If it isn’t an option to do so, then you can always stand against a wall in the same position that you sleep. To do this, put the pillow against the wall and act as if the wall is a vertical mattress and put your head against the pillow. You may want to ask your shopping partner or a clerk if your neck is tilted in one direction, as your neck should be straight and aligned with your spine. Keep in mind that if it doesn’t work out in bed, you can also always return it.