Best Beds to Help You Sleep

When it comes to sleep, you will probably do anything to make sure you get enough of it. From having the right routine to taking supplements, there are many ways you can promote a good night’s rest night after night. One of the most important decisions you make regarding your sleep, however, is the bed you lay down on as not just any bed will do. The mattress must be high quality and able to properly support your body in order for you to feel rested, comfortable, and ready to take on the day morning after morning. One of the best types of mattresses to choose from is the memory foam mattress. These beds have many benefits that help you get a good night’s rest.


What is Memory Foam?


Memory foam is made from viscoelastic. It absorbs energy and provides your body with a soft, comfortable place to lie down. The material literally wraps itself around you as you sleep in response to the pressure different parts of your body place on the surface, along with your body heat. The foam returns to its original shape once the pressure and heat are removed from it, otherwise known as when you get out of bed. The next time, the material will absorb your body’s energy and envelope you in its comfort once again.


Benefits of Memory Foam


Aside from providing a comfortable surface to lay on night after night, memory foam can also help you move around less, which for some people, means waking less. Depending on how deep you sleep, movement can play a role in how many hours of rest you actually get. A person that is restless because they cannot get comfortable will definitely get less shut-eye than someone that never moves. In addition, if you sleep with a partner and he/she moves constantly, that can cause disruptions in your sleep patterns. This is something that memory foam helps to alleviate as each of you can find your comfortable spot and remain there throughout the night.


Types of Mattresses


There are several types of memory foam mattresses to choose from. The traditional and original product is the material that cradles your body and increases the blood circulation throughout it, helping you to feel comfortable and able to rest. The problem with traditional memory foam, however, is the amount of heat that gets trapped inside it, subsequently radiating throughout your body. To combat this problem, you can try air cool memory foam, which takes the heat from your body and lets it escape from the mattress, allowing the heat to dissipate, yet your comfort to remain high. If you suffer from extreme joint pain or have a partner that moves excessively, gel memory foam is the best choice because it provides more durability and protection, enabling you to remain still and comfortable while you sleep. Last, if you are environmentally conscious, you may want to consider a plant-based memory foam mattress. This material is made without harmful emissions and VOCs. They also provide quicker response time to your body, enabling comfort to envelope you faster, which could mean a better night’s sleep.


If you have trouble sleeping at night, consider purchasing a memory foam mattress. Don’t just settle for any type, however, make sure you research the various options to determine which would work best for you given your weight, special considerations regarding pain and illnesses, and the movement of your partner. Choosing the right mattress can mean the difference between no sleep and getting a great night’s rest night after night.